5 Powerful Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration

5 Powerful Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration

Affirmations are positive statements that help you overcome self sabotaging and negative thoughts. They are a great tool to assist you in manifesting the life of your dreams. The forest of our lives are created through planting seeds that flow through our thoughts and our mouths. Everyday you have a choice, what life do you want to create for yourself?

I have put together my top 5 high vibrational affirmations. When in doubt I call on these. I have them saved in my journal app so I am able to get to them whenever I need them.

To help raise your vibration repeat the following powerful affirmations:

  1. Loving others is easy when I love and accept myself.

This statement is number one on my list because of the huge impact it had on my life. I used this during a retreat I hosted last September and the impact it had on the sisters was amazing. We have all heard the quote “you can’t love anybody until you love yourself”. This isn’t just for romantic partnerships, but also friendships, even mother daughter relationships. In order to give unconditional love we must have it and harness it for ourselves. Do you love yourself passionately and endlessly? Do you love every piece of you? From your head to your toes, flaws and all? Learn to love and accept yourself and watch how easy it becomes to love and accept others.

2. Deep at the center of my being is an infinite well of love

Did you know that all the love you have been looking for is waiting within you? Yes your heart is an infinite well of love. When you are feeling the lack of love, close your eyes and visualize a golden white light illuminating from the center of your soul. A reminder that you are love. Be open to receive and give love.

3. I am Divinely guided and protected at all times

Your guardian angel, angels, archangels, ministry of angels, and spirit guides are all here to guide and protect you. Whenever you feel alone remember you are being divinely guided at every step of the way. They will support you at all times, do not be afraid to call on them when you are in need.

4. I trust my intuition. I am willing to listen to that still, small voice within

You know the feeling that something just isn’t right, the subtle rattling of your soul. Our intuition speaks softly at times. It is important we tune in and open up our awareness to the voice within. Listen she/he is always communicating with you.

5. Nourishing myself is a joyful experience, and I am worth the time spent on my healing.

When we first awaken to who we are it can be difficult to give ourselves all the self-care and love we deserve. This is a reminder that you deserve endless unconditional love. You deserve to give it to yourself every single day. Take the time to nourish your mind, body, and soul and watch the magik that transcends throughout your life.

Use these affirmation daily, or whenever you feel the need to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.

Love Kassoul

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