Meet Kassandra


My Mission: to spread knowledge like wildfire, to educate, love, and empower our youth”

My name is Kassandra da Silva and I am a licensed paralegal with a passion for natural health. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and attended the University of Guelph, where I completed a bachelor of Applied Science (Justice Studies).I went on to receive a diploma in law and security as well a Paralegal certificate from Centennial College. My legal career began in 2014 with working in a number of environments which dealt with at-risk youth and the law. I began demonstrating commitment to social change in 2014 and continued doing so through the creation of Get the Grade, a small business I formulated in 2015. Using the Summer Company grant I developed a summer educational program directed at low income families in order to provide opportunities for furthering their children’s education during the summer months. I am passionate about proving equal opportunity for all including those suffering from disability or poverty. Get the Grade program ran from June until August and was a success for all who participated.

While my passion for helping others grew so did my drive to submerge into homeopathy and natural health. While my own health began to deteriorate I discovered the power of self-awareness which eventually guided me to begin my journey into transforming my heath and my life through self-love. I began taking physical fitness seriously and started learning all about cardio and weight training which eventually lead me to nutrition and alternative medicine. I started creating and developing my own natural, homemade, vegan, organic health products which has healed and restored my own health as well as the health of others. My journey has guided me to discover the association with physical fitness, spiritual health, and disease and how together a harmony of good health could be established. In order to enlighten others I developed natural health store / blog Entitled that is dedicated to proving education, love, and empowering others to focus on improving their health and wellness mind, body, and soul. Soul Natural offers a number of services including physical fitness classes, all-natural organics, handcrafted items, and woman empowerment circles.

In the imminent future I plan to inspire a younger generation of woman towards self-love and empowerment to succeed. With a growing era of technology, information, and misinformation I have made it my duty to empower others. I believe success in created through our thoughts and environments and therefore I will strive to provide an environment for our youth that is open and ready to plant a seed of success.