Meet Kassandra

My Mission: to spread knowledge like wildfire, to educate, love, and empower our world”

Greetings God’s and Goddess’ my name is Kassandra and I am a spirtual warrior Goddess. I am passionate about igniting a fire within others, empowering them to achieve their wildest dreams. My purpose is to empower others to see the magik in themselves and the world around them.

Through years of dedication and study, I have reawakened and continue to reawaken my own healing gifts and abilities. Today I’ve evolved into a passionate Spiritual Development Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Card Reader, Artisan, and Alchemist.

I am the creator of Soul Natural, a vegan cosmetic and crystal boutique. I have taken what the beautiful Earth has given us and provide you with hand crafted, vegan, alternatives to everyday products. In addition, I create hand crafted crystal jewelry infused with healing and unconditional love.

A little bit of my History & Journey:

I am currently working as a Paralegal in the city of Toronto. I have experience in many areas of law including criminal law, small claims, traffic, and employment law. My interest in law stemmed from my passion towards conquering injustice, especially for those who do not a voice. I have always had deep knowing regarding my purpose and how I would be a part of the collective of Heroes here to change our world and conceive our New Wonderful Earth.

Today,I am currently enrolled in Ontario’s school for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture where I have developed deeper understanding of ancient practices including Qigong and herbal medicine. In addition to this I am studying psychological astrology and how we can use it to create the life of our dreams.

My Primary focus for the past three years has been working with Woman:

I work with woman to identify traumas in their lives guiding them to work through them and ultimately healing their wombs. As woman we are hard wired for deep soul to soul connection. We need our sisters, our doulas, our community of woman to be there and support each other on each of our unique journeys. I have been organizing and hosting Moon Circles for two years now and I am ready to expand my offerings to the world of wild woman.


To start experiencing the magik we must dive within. Only darkness seeds the light. Open and see beyond. It is your time to Blossom


From the desire to empower and educate one another on the realities of our current world that are directly affecting our health and wellbeing.  To start positive change, we strive to spread accurate wholesome knowledge on the products we use and consume daily and the connection it has to the short term and longevity of our health. Enabling one another to formulate the right skills on how to research and process information to gain truthful insight on the products and foods we are exposed to every single day.

Teaching is better than treating and prevention is better than curing.

It is necessary for us to understand the importance of helping heal each other and most importantly ourselves with a primary focus on starting the process from within. Encouraging the practice of self love which is the foundation to everything else.

Mental and physical health is determined by an internal state of balance that we wish to restore in everyone seeking guidance.

‘Soul is your core, who you are. Your body is like the world, temporarily our home, our forest just for the moment. Natural is who we are. We are the Earth, cycles, connection. We Are One’ 
Core: Educate, Love, Empower, Freedom

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