Our Mission

To spread knowledge like wild fire
into the darkness of commercial health and wellness industries
in order to raise a union towards awareness and consciousness.
All while providing all natural vegan alternatives to
regular products and cosmetics to enhance health

Mind Body Soul


Educate | Love | Empower

Educate: We are all a little lost. We are thrown in the world, told what is right and
wrong and asked not to question it but to move forward. With no education how can we
make the best choices for ourselves. It is our duty to spread knowledge and wisdom with all in order to spark a seed within.

Love: All we need for that seed to grow is a whole lot of love and compassion. Once we have planted
our seed we must fill its soul with love in order to gain the confidence to move through
the world with pride. Clarity.

Empower: Once the seed regains perspective – love, it has the courage to fly.
The seed can now spring through the cracks and begin educating others.
A new Mama is born.


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