Acne: Causes and Natural Treatments

The problem that often troubles our skin. The level and causes of acne problems for everyone is different. There are a number of natural remedies that should help significantly reduce if not completely remove acne.

Our skin is constantly producing sebum (oil) to protect and moisturize. When we get the red and white head pimples its because there are pores that are blocked. When we have clogged or infected pores its usually attributed to bacteria and yeast growth. When bacteria gets stuck, our skin gets inflamed deep down inside sometimes resulting in cysts.

Firstly, the skin is a very important part of us. It does absorb essentially everything that’s applied onto it and in the atmosphere but its also an eliminating organ of the body. It tries to remove toxins that are built up in our body which is often related to a digestive issue.

Yes, often acne can be correlated with our body’s state of digestion. If you’re not releasing the chemicals and toxins from foods the conventional way, the body has to get rid of it somehow. Yeast can grow and live in our intestines; more people have yeast overgrowth than we think. Too much yeast can become a fungus called Candida…you may have heard of it. The good bacteria you have in your gut is supposed to regulate the bad but due to our unhealthy diets, the bad bacteria starts to out grow the good. On top of that, people are often prescribed antibiotics to help treat their acne which ultimately sets them up for failure because it kills the good bacteria in our gut. (I met someone who was told their leaky gut was caused by antibiotics they were given years earlier to treat an infection).

Poor nutrition is another contributor to acne. Processed and fried foods, fats (saturated, hydrogenated, margarine, lard) hard to digest, sugars, dairy, wheat and chocolate can be triggers.  They also contribute to constipation and the body responds by trying to eliminate the toxins and if that way is stuck it’ll try through the skin.

Hormones are also another contributor to acne. They can affect the levels of sebum production and instead of oils passing through the skin normally, it can cause it to get clogged or lead to break outs.

Treatments: Just at the causes of acne vary from person to person so may the response to treatment BUT you know your body the best. Try out different options and feel what works best for you.

  • DIET: a big contributing factor is our diet, this is something you’re going to have to experiment with and pay attention to. Try a process of elimination by cutting out some foods in your diet for certain periods at a time to see what may be effecting you more.
    • ELIMINATE: the sugars, fats, processed and fried foods and dairy
    • Simple Diet- mostly made up of dark leafy greens—try lightly cooked veggies.
  • Flaxseed- contains soluble fiber that helps the digestive process. Sprinkle some onto your foods, into your smoothies or drink mixed with plain water.
  • Drink a lot of water- up your water intake. If you don’t drink a lot of water get your self a reusable bottle you can carry around with you and refill constantly. It’ll help flush out your system.
  • Tea- if you don’t already drink tea include that into your day. Try to have natural, pesticide free tea three times a day to work and a detoxifier.
  • Tea Tree Oil- apply a very small amount onto blemishes. For people with more sensitive skin, dilute the oil with water.
  • Oregano Oil- helps to destroy yeast over growth. It’s a very potent oil so make sure you have something with taste you like close by after having some.
  • Bentonite Clay- filled with many minerals while it works to detox and extract dirt and oils. Try a clay mask on your face to 10-20 minutes at least 3 times a week or add at least 1 cup to your bath and soak (Always hydrate and drink water after using bentonite clay).
  • Lavender Oil- according to National Center for Biotechnology Information, lavender essential oil helps treat infection including candida and also helps treat digestive disturbances. Add a few drops to your bath, add drops to your warm face compress or diffuse in your room.


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