All About Smudging/Saging

A cleansing technique established by Native North American Tradition. Smudging is used to cleanse the negative energies while restoring balance. There are many different routines one may use when smudging. Smudging is essential using the smoke of burning herbs that are wrapped or tied together with a string or thread. Sage is very very often used and its purpose to ward away the negative energy. You can also add some Sweetgrass to help attract and welcome the positive energy.

Herbs you can use in your smudge stick:

  • Sagebrush – most commonly used- transforms energy
  • Sweet Grass – attracts positive energy
  • Lavender- restores balance and creates peace
  • Ceder – purifying and cleansing
  • Mugwort – stimulates psychic awareness and banishes evil spirits
  • Juniper – good to purify
  • Rosemary – healing and promotes clarity

Originally, smudging way done by way of burning herbs in a special bowl while the smoke was wafted around whatever needed cleansing, that’s basically how the processes goes. You can check your local shops for smudging or sage sticks that you can burn or even make your own with the herbs listen above. You don’t have to use a bowl to smudge. Light the sage or smudge stick and let the end burn a little bit until it starts to smoke. Then use the smoke and bring it to the areas in need of cleansing. It can be done to the rooms of your home or to yourself. When cleansing a room, walk to each of the 4 corners and then to the centre, allowing the smoke to get everywhere. In many self love rituals, saging is used to cleanse the energy around you and within you like your Yoni or womb to rid of any traumatized or negative energy. Waft the smoke towards yourself and let it go over your body, head, legs, arms, back everywhere around you. While you’re doing this, connect with the sprits asking for assistance in riding of the negative energy. While the smoke is surrounding you, picture it cleansing all of the negativity away. You can create a little ritual for yourself with smudging. You can incorporate a few more things like: candles (fire, brings in light, purity and courage) + crystals (bringing their own healing properties to the environment) + essential oils (which ever feels right to you in the moment, lavender to inspire a calming effect or bergamot to uplift your mood). You can also get yourself a bowl or large shell to allow the sage to burn as well as a feather to help waft the smoke around you.

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