Anxiety: How to Deal with it and Natural Remedies

I feel like everyday more and more people are developing anxiety and it feels like 90% of the population suffers from it. Many people don’t identify, report or even realize they have anxiety. Its an emotion or feeling we get that is triggered by many things in our environment. There are people who get anxious at times and there are people who are almost always living in a state of anxiety which really takes a toll on our body.

When we get anxious, our muscles tighten, metabolism speeds up, extra adrenaline is pumped that prompts our heart to race. People can get anxious for so many reasons…the big one being stress. The root of your anxiety can also be poor nutrition or things like caffeine and sugar.

When you get anxious the #1 thing you want to avoid is sugar because it causes the blood sugar to sky rocket. If you get anxiety often you want to make sure you’re having a balanced diet. Try to focus on having multiple small meals throughout the day rather than the typical 3 large ones.

When it comes to conditions of our mind, we are the only ones who have the power to change and control it. Whats running through our minds isn’t directly visible to the external world. There are many silent sufferers amongst us who suppress their emotion and put on the mask of being okay all the time while their mind is running every minute with worry.

We have to focus and concentrate on our thinking and response patterns in order to diminish our anxiety. So many conditions of our environment can contribute to it. It could be how you were raised, how you’ve been treated your whole life, the people you surround yourself with, school or work experiences, the possibilities are endless. The one thing that is consistent is YOU. You are always going to be with you. Your mind will always be your mind and you will always hold the power of control over it. BUT how in the world do we essentially re-wire our brain?! I know its complicated. How do we break a method of thinking that we feel has been with us our whole lives…how do we change that all of a sudden?

I have been working really hard to curb my anxious thoughts a lot lately. With the building demands and pressures in our day to day lives it causes stress. Stress leads to anxiety. When we are stressed we tend not to see things for what they really are and our minds go to the ultimate catastrophic possibility when an obstacle arises. We forget the principle of keeping calm because everything is going to be okay. Overthinking is another trigger of anxiety. The more we go over a situation the more hypothetical ‘what ifs’ we begin to create…then we start to worry over these possibilities when they haven’t even happened? The power of manifestation is real and you may just be attracting this negativity into your reality by constantly thinking about it. Don’t even bring the thought into the universe. There is a difference in over thinking the negative and being prepared by thinking ahead. Depending on the situation we must think of possible obstacles that may arise but we have to be confident that we will be prepared to over come it and keep moving forward.  We cant stay stuck on this bad thing happening and just staying there.

Don’t you hate when you have been stressed and anxious over something that then you learn it was all for nothing?! Let those situations teach you..that the mental roller coaster you went through just caused some negativity within you and it didn’t accomplish anything. Let it teach you that things really can work out and they WILL.

Notice how your mind responds to things. Really pay attention because then you’ll start to notice your habits and processes of thinking which is what you’re trying to change. Why did my mind go 0-100 so quickly over this? Is what i’m worrying over definitely going to happen? And most importantly CAN I CHANGE THE OUTCOME. If you cant effect any change what is the point of stressing over it?! Because it simply is what it is. Then try to drift your mind in those moments toward the power of gratitude. What are the blessings in my life that i’m thankful for. The everyday things you see, feel touch and even the people in your life you have become so used to, you may forget that someone else is praying for the life you have and we should really be thankful for having it. Whether its your parents, family, best friend, friend, bed, roof, food, a job, convenience, health…whatever it is BE GRATEFUL. Getting your mind there is on a much more elevated frequency rather than a draining anxious energy. The more you experience that it really is going to be okay the more you’re going to believe it before it ends up happening.

Some people take prescription medication to cope with their anxiety but there are also a number of natural and healthy remedies to try to help curb the anxious mind:

  • B Vitamins (especially B6)
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sea vegetables
  • Green leaf vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Ashwaganda- balances stress and reduces tension
  • Herbal: chamomile
  • Get a massage- to relieve tension collected in the muscles
  • Essential Oils: (You can add drops to the bath or incorporate it into your body oil)
    • lavender
    • jasmine
    • ylang ylang
    • frankincense
  • Exercise

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