Are You Touching the Miracle of Being Alive?

The picture reads:

“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Heres a little reminder that many of us are in need of to remember this importance of this message:

Break out of the repetitive, unfulfilling routine were conditioned to accept more and more as a reality (work, school, home, kids, cook/eat, tired, sleep, wake up, repeat) You are the creator of your own story, the chooser of your own path. In our first world society there are a lot of images and labels we feel pressured to fit into for an idea of acceptance or admiration. If you have such job or such education from such institution it puts you into this socially constructed category that a majority of people will respect and like about you. Then many of us start fell less worthy when we feel our energy disconnected from what a majority of people around us seem to be wanting to fit into.  You are not wrong for that felling and there’s nothing wrong with you. Rather than being taught methods and techniques on self love and empowerment were slowing being conditioned (through many outlets of the media) on a specific image or definition of worthiness, beauty, power and capabilities.

Don’t waste away years of a life that made you unhappy and stuck in the ‘sunken place’ live, dream, strive and believe in you and your capabilities as much as you can. You NEED to make sure you take time to be in a quiet environment and focus. Focus on your mind, thoughts, responses, feelings and emotions. Try to look at and recognize patterns within you, look at what you would like to change and what you would like to improve. This is the start of a lovely self love routine. Once you are more aware of the things you want to work on and develop within yourself, you have to analyze how you’re going to effect change. Next is to research the right resources and speak to the element of change or development you want to tackle on. Don’t go to the first response that shows up in google, really do your research and see that the information resonates with you. You have to be persistent and keep at this progress.

It’s only when we come across an unexpected obstacle or barrier do we regret what we should have or could have done. Discover and awaken a passion in your life, what brings you true joy. Focus on your interests, incorporate them into your life and trust the universe will bring towards you way what is supposed to be. You have to start the process by being in alignment with yourself first.

Remember the power is within you, always.

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