Crystals that protect you from Electromagnetic Radiation (WIFI)

Crystals for Healing and Protecting against electromagnetic Smog

Ever wonder what the wifi, internet, and other technology is doing to our health? These sightless energies that surround us – an electric current flowing through and around us. As time increases we seem to increase the amount of gadgets we keep close to our body. Unconscious to the painful consequences we receive. As unbelievable as it may sound we are negatively affected by the energy transmitted, sharing and receiving WIFI signals almost everywhere we go. There is not much information on the topic as we are just learning some of the consequences surround electromagnetic waves and how they will affect who we are, physically, mentally, and emotionally as well. We are somewhat acting as guinea pigs as more research is being developed about the ongoing risk of technology.

Did you know that standing next to a high power transmitter can cause burns in the same way a microwave cooks food? We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation, it is almost impossible to avoid. It is time to be aware of strategies we can use to reduce our expose to EMR.

How does EMR really affect me?


        Joint and muscle pain

        Memory loss

        Decreased attention span

        Anxiety ***** This one is HUGE

        High blood pressure


        Cardiac palpations

How do I reduce by exposure to EMR?

1)      Spend less time on the internet, phone, computer, laptop, tablet TV… WHATEVER
Set times to get everything you need done.
Complete tasks you can without using internet & then Bulk post

2)      Don’t hold the phone too close to your body.
Use headphone when possible.

3)      Turn off your wifi at night!

4)      Don’t sleep with your phone close to your head

5)      Get yourself some healing crystals with properties that protect you from EMR

Which Crystals will Help with EMR exposure?

1)      Black Tourmaline

        Cleanses and repels negative energies

        Especially strong on electromagnetic fog

        Place this crystal next to TV, computers, and other electronics to absorb EMR

        Black Tourmaline is directly connected to the root chakra, so when it is in your environment, or on your body, it helps you to feel grounded, protected and secure.

        Inspiration, connection, awareness and creativity


2)      Amazonite

        Can filter incoming energies

        Clear away negative or psychic attacks

        Feel better stone, good for creativity, the heart and nervous system, helping stress and the troubled mind

        Amazonite is a Barrier Filter crystal that blocks geopathic stress, absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations, and protects against electromagnetic pollution. Place it near computers and other electronics, or tape to your cell phone


3)      Sodalite

        Great for ideas, perception, creative expression and endurance

        Healing and communication

        It is believed if you place this next to the computer it will reduce the EMR traffic


4)      Unakite

         Unakite can protect against electromagnetic pollution from computers or cell phones.

        Good for the reproductive system

        Can open and activate the third eye chakra

These are just four amazing crystals that have the metaphysical properties to help reduce or prevent the harm of EMR. Never use clear quartz for protecting you from EMR. Always remember to manifest the ideas, thoughts, and intentions you desire wile purchasing, placing and cleansing your crystals.

Healer Heal Thyself.

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