Dendelion – A Backyard Herb with Many Benefits

Dandelions may pop up all over your gardens as a backyard weed but they are filled with nutrients and minerals. Dandelions have been used by humans in foods for ages and can be used to relieve a number of ailments. This fun children’s flower is entirely edible, and the leaves contain vitamins A, C and K, along with calcium, iron, manganese, and potassium.

This amazing flower has a long history as a natural remedy and has been used medicinally by almost all areas where its growth has been documented. Traditional uses of dandelions were to support digestive systems, hormone health, and also to treat urinary tract infections.

List of Benefits:

Prevents Anemia Prevents Gall Bladder Disorders Regulates Blood Pressure Prevents Cancer Treats Liver Disorders Diabetes Can help support lactation Skincare Acne Prevention Cures Constipation Treats Jaundice Treats urinary Tract Disorders

Liver Support

Dandelion has been used for many years to help support the liver and to promote detoxification.

“In addition, the University of Maryland Medical Center says the diuretic action of dandelion may benefit your liver and circulation by helping lower your blood pressure. Dandelion may also have anti-cancer properties, according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, which indicates that it could slow growth of cancerous tumors and cultured cancer cells, at least in the laboratory”


Dandelions can be used topically or taken in capsule or tea form to help promote healthier skin naturally. This is a result of the high contents of zinc, magnesium, and the ability to detoxify.

Dandelion’s can be used to make a number of foods and drinks including, wine, tea, coffee (the root can be used as a coffee substitute), juice, soups, salads and the leaves can be cooked.

Important: Note that you should consult a doctor before taking this herb in large amounts especially if you are nursing or are pregnant.

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