Deodorant and the Essentials of Sweating

Sweating is one of the ways the body releases its toxins. It has been considered a type of therapy for many years. Sauna practices have been incorporated into many cultures including Aboriginal sweat lodges and Turkish baths.

Our bodies are constantly exposed to heavy metals and toxins whether its in our pollution, pesticide exposure or through the poor quality of the food we consume. When toxins aren’t able to be released it can become harmful if our body stores it or it works tirelessly trying to remove it. The more toxins that can be removed through the body’s sweat helps relieve the burden on the kidneys and liver in detoxifying the body.

Having the toxins and metals retained in our body can help contribute to a number of diseases and illnesses such as a weakened immune system, cancer, autism, alzheimer’s, and many more.

Although it may not be aesthetically pleasing, we need to allow our bodies to sweat! When looking for a deodorant make sure it really is that and that only NOT an antiperspirant. An antiperspirant is made up of elements that are trying to keep you from sweating, including aluminum. Always look at the aluminum level when shopping for a deodorant. Aluminum has harmful effects on our body, you should always opt for an aluminum free product.

Research has shown that aluminum is highly correlated with brain degenerating diseases like Parkinson’s disease and that it usually affects the body’s nervous system by impairing the electrical discharge of our nervous cells.

Aluminum also has the effect of clogging the lymphatic system on our underarms. The lymphs are a make up of tissues and organs that help release toxins from the body. For women, we have our breasts in the same region of our armpits. When the lymphs are impaired, the toxins stay inside and affect the rest of our body.

I myself am someone that constantly sweats, I especially understand the importance of using a natural deodorant that actually works! When I decided to no longer use antiperspirant, finding a good, effective deodorant was a problem in the beginning. The first few brands I tried, I found that even after applying the deodorant 4-5 times a day I was still smelling as if I didn’t use deodorant at all. The reason for this is because our body is detoxing from the chemical-filled products it’s used to. This is completely normal and goes away after the first two weeks. Even still I was tired of trying different deodorants that at first glace appeared to be natural and healthy, but as I dug deeper I soon realized those products weren’t 100% what they claimed to be. This dilemma right here, faced by me and all of YOU trying to switch over to the natural side was the very reason why I set forward on my mission to develop a 100% all-natural, vegan, organic product that would not only combat the sweating/odor but was also good for me. Soul Natural vegan deodorant is smooth and easy to rub on. It is made with all-natural raw organic non-refined shea butter from Ghana (only the best stuff). Shea butter is incredible for your skin and will not block your pours.

Remember our skin is our largest organ and for that reason it is important that we keep it healthy and clean only using the best ingredients, made from our Earth.


Nature’s Way… <3 Have you made the switch?






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