Deodorant is linked to cancer – Natural Alternatives

Our society is sick but nobody seems to understand why. With an uproar of cancers, tumors, and bronchial issues there is no question these issues are linked to the products we use every day. With no question every morning we reach for our deodorant in order to avoid odor and perspiration not knowing that our deodorants are actually filled with toxins and chemicals that are in fact making us sick.      

Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it. We need to be conscious about the products we use choosing only naturally made products.

The following are 4 products found in most of your retail deodorants:

1)      Parabens

        Toxic preservatives that are linked to breast and prostate cancer.


2)      Aluminum Compounds

        Clogs your pores to prevent sweating

        Linked to Alzheimer’s

        Interferes with estrogen levels

        Risk of breast & prostate cancer

PS. Sweating is good for you! Regardless of what society says, you need to sweat and it looks good on you. A natural, beautiful, sun-kissed glow.

3)      Propylene Glycol

        Can damage your central nervous system, heart & liver  

        Skin irritant


4)      TEA and DEA

        Damage your kidney & livers

        Known carcinogens

        Banned in Europe

With a product we use every single day, in an are filled with pores it is important to be disciplined about how we treat our skin. For an all- natural alternative try Soul Natural’s deodorant. You can get yours in Ylang Ylang or email us for a custom scent. Looking for an deodorant that detoxes too? Email us and ask us about our detoxifying deodorant.


Love & Light <3

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