Fasting: The Positive Side

The Plus Side To Fasting

I don’t know about you guys but when I go a few hours without any food I feel like I’m not going to make it until the end of the day. Especially when we skip a meal and rely on having the next one without any snacks in between (which is a really bad habit to have and its so easy to happen when were busy or our minds are distracted).

BUT there are some benefits to purposeful fasting. If you notice when you get sick…you tend to lose your appetite and don’t have the urge to eat at all. That’s because your body is trying to use its energy in healing itself and combating the illness. Chicken noodle soup or just soup in general is commonly associated with sickness, especially colds because its light and easier to digest than entirely solid foods. Fasting can be beneficial for us because it also serves as a detox. It gives the body time to rest (from digestion) and also provides some time preventing toxins from entering our body (from our foods). In todays world, unfortunately there are so many additives, pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, refined sugars and refined flours added to the foods available to us…even those “healthy” labelled products from the grocery store.

Whenever toxins enter our body its mainly the liver that metabolizes them and breaks it down. Fasting isn’t something to take likely, you must make sure you’re taking the right steps to ensure you do it safely and don’t cause more harm to your body than good, especially if you’re new to the practice.

It is tiresome to go through a fast because you’re cutting out a large part of your body’s fuel so its important to think of your lifestyle and schedule. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re going to be physically active or steadily at work or school while you do it. It would be best to do on your days or week off.

To begin I would start off with a 1-3 day fast…to get yourself used to what it feels like. Also its important to stay on top of the liquid intake so you MUST make sure you are drinking enough water. You should first consider going on a juice fast where you consume juiced fruits and vegetables. It will help stabilize your blood sugar and provide you with added nourishment and nutrients. While your body may want a break, your brain always needs fuel.  By adding the juice to your fast you will help provide it with the blood sugar it needs.

One the 1st day your body will burn your stored sugar and then it will proceed to burn fat for fuel.

On the 2nd day your muscle tissue may be broken down to provide amino acids that the liver will convert to glucose (sugar) for the brain.

Sometimes during a fast, the process of ketosis takes place which is when the liver converts fat to ketones to be used by the brain and tissues for energy

Its important to ease your way in and out of a fast. Progress your way into it with lighter foods like salads, soups, fruits and veggies and do the same thing when your fast is over.

Remember if you’re new to fasting do NOT try it for a long stretch of time. Try it out slowly and surely so you can see what feels best for your body.

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