Full Moon in Aries – October 5th, 2017

Today, the 5th October – Full Moon in Aries

Grand evening Goddess’ I am so happy to have you back in my presence and if you are reading this I am equally happy we can exchange loving energy this way. A recap of the last full moon in Pisces a watery sign we let go of any heavy energy we had been holding onto.

For this Full Moon Goddess’ let us channel our divine feminine energy. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a protective aura surround you. A circle of white light 9ft above, below, and surrounding you. Our ancestors are here to protect us, let us allow our heart to be open and inviting for the gifts we are about to receive.

This full moon is the completion of the new moon that happened on the 28th of March and the energy is all about integrating your identity/number one/ your soul. Goddess Shakti is all about our primal energy (our source) our soul – the energy to share our purpose of our soul our passion. We share our purpose to build authentic relationships, where we are able to share who we really are. This is about you and the relationship with the community as a whole. This relationship is important to our authentic selves and it is equally important to be in open and honest relationship. This is about sharing our authentic selves and understanding that we are relationship beings. We need to relate, share, and be able to communicate with one another.

Mother Earth has reminded us through seasons to prepare for a shift in energies. Aries is an air sign and symbolizes a ram. Aries is all about pushing forward, listening to your own hearts desires, and really going for them ignoring all the obstacles that are in your way. This full moon you may feel a huge boost of energy, providing you with that enthusiastic attitude to move forward. This full moon will give you the power to strive forward towards what you really want, stepping up in your strength and finding your fullest potential. This full moon in Aries is a reminder that there will always be obstacles in life but we are going overcome those things that get us down. No matter the struggle our energy is about believing in ourselves so much that the obstacles seem trivial. We have to take a stand and shed the energies of the past. Harness your independent energies and strength to move forward in your life. Taking on anything you feel a strong connection to, trusting yourself and your intuition to move you into a direction that is right for you. Regardless of what you thought things were supposed to look like – you move forward in trusting the energy of yourself. You know what you need – there is no one in this world that knows better. Get clear with that you want and don’t hesitate to take a step forward towards making things happen. Remember the universe has your back.

Pay attention to egoism, victimization, and controlling as emotions and use this to identify patterns within you. Observing yourself, taking a step back from the circumstances in your life and the actions you chose to take will allow you to gain understanding of who you are. As you reflect on the emotions you felt and reasons behind some of your decisions you are able to identify where there may be imbalances, traumas that need a little more attention and love. When we vibrate scarcity and poverty then we are vibrating on this frequency instead of attracting prosperity, wealth, or health whether it is economic or in other ways (career, relationships, and family). Now the question lies, how do we turn scarcity into abundance?

Appreciate what you have by donating to others. It is precisely in this moment where you feel you do not have then that is when you should give. When you feel you don’t have enough, then that’s when you should donate. If you feel you don’t have enough time then you can donate time. If you don’t have enough money then you should donate money. We literally shift our thinking from “ I don’t have what I need.” Into “I am grateful for what I have, allow me to provide to others.”. When you shift you vibration towards giving you are allowing yourself the opportunity to receive. A reminder of the power we hold in our mind and how our vibrations can shift based on where we decide to focus our energies.

Another way to be egoistic in a positive way is to nourish ourselves. Ensure you are taking care of yourself.

Control. This Full Moon we may feel a sense of breaking free, we want to feel our own power. We want to set direction and lead and step out of following others. We want to take control of what we want to do and set forward and do it. At this point where everyone is focused on these ideas we are able to step back and remember there is no community, business, purpose, or power that could not make it without relationships with others. The sharing of energies, resources, skills, ideas, and intention allow for success.

Where is your power? Where are you focusing your energy?

If there has been a power struggle in any of your relationships (not only romantic) then this Full Moon tensions may arise. Reconsider you energy when you decide to complain or react in situations of conflict that move you. Where you decide to place your energy is where you decide to put your power. When you are focused on complaining and retaliating then your power is wasted. When you find yourself challenged in a place of conflict allow yourself to move with your heart rather than your ego. A reminder to share compassion to the relationships we share even if it is not a positive one. We always want to strive to be the light, healing ourselves and others by making choices that move with a vibration of love. This means that sometimes we must control our emotions, consciously prevent ourselves from letting the ego win even in situations where we know we are right.

A reminder that you are your power and your power is perfect. Your power is unique to you making it all the more beautiful. You begin to unlock your truest potential when you free yourself from a low vibrational frequency of the mind – where you are limited in thinking.

This full moon will provide you a new sense of energy to more forward and empower yourself towards what you really want. Feel a sense of enthusiasm this moon, allowing yourself to get done whatever you need to get done.  Empower a light freeing energy allowing you do move through effortlessly and easily.

Let us be grateful for ourselves, our sisSTARS, our mothers, doulas, and ancestors. Thank you for sharing you feminine divine energy with us today. Thank you for providing me with love and light – allowing me to dive into my passion. Thank you for hugging my soul, sharing compassion and making me feel full of purpose. I love mycelf, I love you.

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