Grounding/Earthing and the Health Benefits of Connecting With Nature

If you’re like me you love the feeling of your barefoot touching the ground, especially when it has soils or sands. It feels like ultimate bliss being able to freely walk around. We can all remember the times where we ran around outdoors, in the grass or in the sand. Only good feelings surround those times and there are more reasons why connecting with the Earth makes you feel better.

Naturally we obtain electrons from the Earth when we walk around barefoot. This triggers a positive affect for us because we are able to collect an adequate supply of electrons which are needed in order for our immune systems to run optimally. Research has indicated that the electrons from the Earth protect us from inflammation and can have an antioxidant effect that protects our body. Today we are being exposing to an ever-growing amount of electromagnetic fields that increase the amount of free radicals being produced in our bodies. Free radicals are large charges of molecules which lead to inflammation. When we are in direct contact with the Earth (sitting, standing, dancing, laying) the flow of energy from it neutralizes the effect of free radicals in our body which will prevent inflammation from occurring. Inflammation has been connected to nearly every disease therefore increasing Earthing will reduce the likelihood of attaining any. A connection has even been made between inflammation and ageing; therefore connecting with the Earth will assist you in looking younger and healthier and who doesn’t want that.

Why you should spend more time Earthing and Grounding?

  • Grounding affects your DNA immediately
  • Reduces hormonal and menstrual symptoms
  • Increases circulation, more energy produced
  • Improves your sleep
  • Fights cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, glaucoma, chronic pain

If we look back into history we will find that there has been a strong connection to human bodies and the Earth. Asphalt, wood, and covers are a fairly new phenomenon and can be in alignment with many other factors, that contribute to the rise of poor health and disease. In modern times we also use a number of shoes that are not only uncomfortable but are also destroying the wellness of our health and feet. Shoes like flats and high heels can seriously cause damage to our feet and even more serious injuries to our backs. People have decided dirt and soil is “dirty” or “gross” therefore more and more people are refraining from walking outdoors without shoes. Unknowingly they are contributing to their poor health and lack of energy. There is a strong connectedness to human bodies, the Earth, and happiness and we must take advantage of the gifts that have been offered. As we increase this connection we begin appreciating our lives resulting in an increase in our mood, vitality, and life satisfaction.

Earthing is recommended to anyone who suffers from any auto-immune condition. It is recommended to Earth at least 60 mins every day.

Give it a try. Even if you are not one to take the time to enjoy the fresh outdoors, you will see once you push yourself outside your comfort zone there is a world of happiness. You will notice and instant feeling of peace and harmony so it will totally be worth it.

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