Healthy Nail Polishes: That don’t have chemicals that can cause cancer and harm your reproductive system

A lot of you have been asking about healthy alternatives to nail polish so hear it is. This list was a bit tricky to put together because I don’t wear nail polish. To get the accurate recommendations for you all I had to really decipher through many nail polishes. After doing careful research into non-toxic nail polish, going through my most trusted organic bloggers, looking at various nail polish lists, and after contrasting and comparing, the following is a list of top 3 non-toxic nail polishes.
Three ingredients you must avoid:

1) Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
This chemical is known to cause reproductive harm and dizziness. You can find more of this chemical in gasoline. CDC warns of central nervous system problems.

2) Formaldehyde (yes, seriously. In your nail polish.)
Known carcinogen, used to preserve the dead, and there are strict warning to avoid eye and skin contact.

This product is known to cause reproductive problems and is even banned in Europe. This chemical is the highest danger level and can cause organ problems.

These ingredients have been linked to problems ranging from skin irritation in people to birth defects in animals.

Best Non- Toxic Nail Polish:
1) Scotch Naturals
– Doesn’t contain any of those chemicals
– No strong smell
2) Sun Coat
– water based nail polish
– easily peels off
-don’t need nail polish remover
3) Acquarella
– stays on nails
-no toxic smell
– on the pricey side
– vegan & wheat free
– water based

Bonus: Piggy Paint (one of the most popular brands)
– non-toxic
– odorless
– kid friendly

I hope this helped you with finding a non-toxic nail polish to substitute the old ones for. I know that all- natural products can be more expensive but there is no price on health. Decide where you believe spending money is important and you can balance your budget to include the natural products you need to improve your health.

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