How is Fluoride Bad for You?

It’s a chemical and the only purpose of it is to prevent tooth decay. Consider, if you’re taking well enough care of your teeth everyday why would you need to consume it? You will be sparing yourself of the negative effects it can have on your body.

Its commonly found in:

  • toothpaste
  • mouthwash
  • tap water

Other sources of fluoride have been found in

  • pesticides
  • tea
  • processed food and beverages.

Not all countries add fluoride in their water. In Western Europe only 3% of the population consumes fluoridated water compared to the U.S where people are drinking more fluoridated water than the rest of the world combined. According to, there is no difference in tooth decay between Western nations that fluoridate their water compared to those that don’t.

The fluoride industry claims fluoride is good for our health and that it’s created through a natural process. The process of making fluoride actually involves using a corrosive acid from fertilizer. This process would cause significant harm to the environment if exposed. Fluoride goes through a dilution process when being put into our tap water which allows it to be deemed as “safe”

Consider not only is the water itself effected by the fluoride but think about how much we use water in for our foods and beverages. The foods and beverages that need water as an essential ingredient are effected also.

Negative Effects on:

  • tissues
  • bones
  • brain
  • thyroid gland
  • pineal gland
  • endocrine disruptor- involves the glands that produce hormones effecting the metabolism, growth, tissue and sexual function, reproduction, sleep and many more.

How to avoid Fluoridated water:

  • water filters (make sure it’s the right kind of filter. Reverse osmosis removes fluoride while activated carbon filters do not)
  • drinking spring water
  • drinking distilled water/ purchasing a distillation unit
  • refusing a fluoride treatment at the dentist


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