How to: Choose and Cleanse Your Crystals/Gemstones

The one principle that is so important when figuring out which crystal is right for you is:  Not to choose the crystal, let the crystal choose you.

What that means is try not to over think and give it too much thought when you’re in front of a variety of crystals. Let your mind and heart be open. You need to trust your intuition and feeling, go with the flow and gravitate towards which ones speak to you. Remember the key is NOT to over think it. Don’t think you need to limit yourself to the stone of your zodiac sign either. Each crystal has its own beneficial and healing properties that enhance your health. Stones work in healing in many ways, they pass on their energy to the holder, including vibrational frequencies.

Certain zodiac signs have multiple crystals that they align with, below 1 is listed to keep it simple:

Aries: bloodstone
Taurus: coral
Gemini: aquamarine
Cancer: emerald
Leo: ruby
Virgo: pink jasper
Libra: opal
Scorpio: topaz
Sagittarius: amethyst
Capricorn: smoky quartz
Aquarius: blue sapphire
Pisces: jade

If you like to wear stones as a part of your jewelry, make sure it is touching your skin for optimal benefit. Stones are closely corelated to the Chakras also because they pull in the stone’s frequency.

Cleansing the stone/crystal:

Its extremely important to cleanse our crystals when we first receive them. The crystals can very well hold/carry the energy of someone who has encountered it before you (including people in the shop who have simply picked it up and touched it). There are a number of techniques you can try to clean your crystals:

  • Soak in water for 6-8 hours
  • You can place your stone in a candle flame (not my favourite option since it can possibly damage the exterior, depending how long you place it)
  • Crystal quartz can be placed in sea salt water
  • ALWAYS: put your crystal in direct sunlight after cleaning

The Shop Page has beaded jewelry using Crystals and Gemstones (including the bracelet featured in the photo)

Learn about different crystals and see which one you end up with. Try learning the strengths and properties of the stones and see which one you gravitate towards, or don’t and just go with the flow.

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