How to Open Up Your Heart Chakra

A balanced heart chakra is a beautiful magical thing. When your heart chakra is open you will be kind, caring, understanding, joyous and outgoing, feeling totally at ease with yourself and everyone in your life. It will become easier to be less critical of others actions and begin to accept them for who they are. You will notice when your heart chakra is balanced, you will be filled with loving compassion for others around you and also for yourself. When a heart chakra is opened completely it can reveal symptoms that the Buddhist call Mahakaruna: A Channel for Universal Compassion – Our True Self.

On the other side of the spectrum we may be experiencing symptoms of an unbalanced heart. Read the symptoms below to find out if your heart charka is unbalanced.

Symptoms of an unbalanced heart chakra:

  • may feel you are ruled by your emotions
  • you may be manipulative, over critical, judgemental
  • negative thinking
  • trust issues
  • difficult time letting people in
  • keeping yourself at a distance
  • heart pain, chest pain, poor circulation


If you have experienced any of the above symptoms it may be as a result of having an imbalanced heart chakra. Do not worry soul family, it is essential to know  you can overcome and lead ourselves to a higher heart where pure unconditional love exists. The heart chakra is important for our spiritual healing and the evolution of yourself.  Therefore it is important to take proactive steps towards releasing emotions and ultimately opening up your heart.


How do I open up my heart chakra?


  • be one with your great mother, allow nature to surround you and stimulate healing within
  • use visualization to imagine a strong, clear, green light flowing through your heart centre. Allow the light to heal you and fill you with unconditional love
  • inhale positivity and exhale negativity. Allow anything you have been holding onto to disappear. You are free.


  • know that you are already filled with unconditional love
  • your purpose is to be loving to others – unconditionally and unselfishly
  • you are a divine being of light experiencing a human experience
  • be love


  • with a huge deep exhale forgive yourself for everything you have done in the past
  • forgive others (family/friends/strangers) for anything they have done to you
  • let go of hurt, grief, pain, and regret
  • really let go, feel your heart lift and open during this mediation


  • thank yourself for all that you have accomplished
  • dig deeper and be thankful for all the blessings in your life regardless of how big or how small
  • be kind and gentle with yourself and others
  • begin allowing yourself to perceive every situations as a blessing in your life
  • transform struggle into lessons – your experience is transforming you
  • be thankful for everything you already have


  • try heart chakra opening poses. Focus on elongating your body. Really let go and feel your heart centre lift and open during each pose
  • allow your soul to dance. Free yourself in a trance of light and unconditional love
  • put on some heart chakra opening sounds and just let your body flow freely like a butterfly

Opening up your heart chakra will begin to transform your life in a number of positive ways. It is not simple and easy to get to this state of unconditional love. With that said it is our duty to begin to accept ourselves, open our hearts, and become pure divine beings of light and love.

How do you enjoy opening up your heart charka?

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