How Your Skin Care Products Are Killing You

Commonly sold and used face creams are loaded with hidden chemicals and there are a number of health risks surrounding them. Its not just woman its men too! We forget that men have skin and also need to hydrate and maintain a healthy skincare routine. We look through the aisles in our stores searching for creams that will assist us in having healthier skin but instead we are stuck with a number of options only out to poison us for profit. The key to healthy beauty care is knowing exactly what is going into your skin. Use all-natural organic products that list exactly what ingredients they have used. The cosmetics we use should only have a few ingredients and they should all be names and words we are able to read. Once you know what to look for you can join other empowered shoppers taking the care to engage in conscious skin care habits.


  • The most commonly used preservative
  • They are used to prevent molds and fungus and parasites in the creams but can be absorbed through the skin and are often found in BREAST CANCER tumors – Linked to breast cancer in woman and testicular cancer in men
  • There is clearly a rise for concern, you may notice many “paraben-free” products appearing more often in the market

    On labels they will appear in different forms therefore you will want to look out for the following names:
    • benzylparaben
    • butyiparaben
    • propylparaben
    • methylparaben
    • ethylparaben
    • isobutylparaben

Through my research I looked for the list of the best products for your face on the market right now. Products ranged from $10-$500 and all of them contained Parabens. That’s scary, we have no control of what they hide in their sneaky labels. We do have control of where we decide to get our skincare products. We do have control of taking the due diligence to research the products that harm our skin and which ingredients we should be looking for.
For an alternative to the products in store check out local organic business’ or Check out Soul Natural’s all natural, vegan, organic skincare products under the SHOP page!

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