Meditation: How to get in the flow

Meditation…the practice we all know and love ( in theory for some of us). We have all heard about the benefits and positive sides of what practicing mediation can do for us and yet many of us refrain from doing it. Its not as if we cant find 10 minutes in our daily life to dedicate to meditation but we still don’t try to squeeze in this habit.

Meditation, it is essentially deep relaxation with an open awareness. The main focus is to simply “be” which for many people is hard to do.
This is a simple guide to bring more meditation into your life.
Where to start? Firstly…

Start by setting up an environment that wont disturb or distract you. It can be the corner of your bedroom, living room even the bathroom whatever works for you. Its important to keep yourself comfortable but uncomfortable. You cant allow your body to get into total relaxation, remember you need to keep focus and stay alert. You need to use your mind to relax through the discomfort rather than allow relaxation take over the body without the mind. Keep in mind while you’re doing this that there is no rush, you don’t have to be somewhere else, or be doing something, you been to just simply be in the moment.

Be present and open—pay attention to your breathing and how different parts of your body are feeling or any smells and sounds you may notice. Take a breath and find peace in your constantly busy mind. Promote relaxation and stillness- when your mind is busy your body can be tense, be aware and unwind those two. Mindfulness- pay attention to what’s happening around you (environment) and inside of you (body) while not judging or attempting to change it, simply be aware.
Even though we need to incorporate the physical practice of mediation into our day to day lives, there are mental changes we can make as well that are going to help us with our practice. Do you find yourself paying attention to 1 particular thing so heavily? That you almost lose focus of everything else happening around you?

When you narrow your focus to one thing you’re only allowing your mind to work only some of its potential which only enables over thinking of the same itty bitty thing. When your mind is in that state it can cause you to be distant from your emotions leaving you ‘stuck in your head’ and feeling anxious or isolated. When you practice your attention to be more flexible, it WILL improve the quality of your life. You will learn to be aware and see the beauty in ALL that’s around you.

When trying to do more meditation don’t be so hard on yourself or hold specific expectations, just remember it’s a process.

Changing our old thinking habits takes a lot of work.

Being present is when we recognize our thoughts as just thoughts rather than being consumed by them and thus, they lose their power in distracting us. Try to enjoy meditation rather than thinking of it as a discipline. It is easy to feel impatient and bored of it sometimes but you have to keep pushing until you FEEL the benefits, peace and harmony of meditation.

Learn to justify taking the time for mediation. Make it a little ritual that you look forward to and in no time it will become your daily habit!

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