Mugwort: The Ant-Cancer Herb and its Benefits

Mugwort, The Anti-Cancer Herb and its Benefits

Mugwort or Artemisia vulgaris is a root based perennial plant that helps fight off serious and not so serious diseases including cancer, joint pain, and depression.

Artemisia vulgaris come from the word “Artemis” who is a Greek moon Goddess and considered to be a patron of woman. Vulgasis comes from the initial uses of mugwort, which was used as a herbal inhibitor for woman’s mentral cycles.

Benefits of Mugwort:

Attacking cancerous cells and Malaria
Treating Depression
Soothing Joint Pain
Reversing the Breech Birth Position

When labour begins nearly all babies (about 96%) are lying head down in the uterus, but a few (about3-4%) will settle into a bottom-first or breach position.


How do I Find Mugwort?

Mugwort comes in a few forms and is sold by a number of sources. When you are looking to purchase mugwort ensure that you’re are purchasing from a credible source. Mugwort can be found as a dried herb, seeds, in tea, smudge sticks, powder, and finally essential oils.

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