New Moon in Virgo – Time to Start Healing

New Moon in Virgo fellow brujas 🌙

I wanted to talk about the New Moon energy that just passed.
Starting September 20th the new moon will bring a new wave of energy for the upcoming month. The new moon is a time of reflection, time to shed what you have been up to and begin greater healing.

Pay attention to the condition of your mind so that you can truly heal and step into your power. Now it’s time to take a journey within to bring understanding to our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body – They are communicating to us.

Please take a moment to put your hand to your #heartcharka and ask yourself “what do I really need right now? What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?”

Allow energy to surface & listen to your intuition. It will guide you to where you need to be.

There are other strong energies surfacing that may create a critic within, and judgement towards others. Let’s try not to be hard on ourselves. Remind yourself that you deserve love and kindness & that you must love yourself during every part and circumstance in your life. Enjoy every stage- because each stage is quite similar in that your are progressing forward. Treat yourself with love and kindness and your body will respond in return.

Talk yourself through the emotion flooding through you. It is a time to heal yourself for the better. Pay attention to your needs and commit to certain goals. Make gentle changes to your mind body and soul 💞

Finally this new moon offers a time to offer service to others. Virgo represents humility and service. There has been so much devastation with the hurricanes- we can use this energy to go through the things we don’t need and can offer life to those who do need it. Literally putting clothes on some people’s backs. If you are in Toronto and are interested in being a part of giving back you can donate at Kensington Market #we are radar @we.are.radar or if you would like to bring stuff over to my place or meet with me I am also accepting donation with a friend to give back.

It’s time to heal ourselves and in turn heal others

Happy New Moon.

Ps. You should be feeling the energies until Friday the 22nd 🌙✨

The following are a few quotes that designated with me from Divine Harmony:

“This New Moon is a time to focus on and commit to greater healing, wholeness, being of service and showing up to do our inner and outer work.“Virgo is a sign of integrity and discernment…yes virgo can be perfectionist, critical and judgmental- but healthy Virgo is about discerning and clear in our vision and perception of ourselves, others and the world around us.“This New Moon is a call to up level our game of healing, wholeness, integration and integrity!“The most significant aspect this lunation makes is an opposition to Wounded Healer Chiron and karmic Task Master Saturn- triggering the Saturn/Chiron square. The Saturn/Chiron square is a transit I have been calling ‘the core wound territory transit’ as it has been bringing us face to face with our biggest wounds and pain.“Those Unconscious conditioning and patterns we keep defaulting to and finding ourselves stuck in the same karmic situations over and over again? Saturn/Chiron is putting a spotlight on them.“Saturn reveals where we are hard on ourselves and the inner critical voice we internalized from childhood OR he reveals where we are avoiding accountability and playing rebellious child to the inner critical parent.“Chiron on the other hand reveals where our biggest wounds and pain are: where we don’t feel loved, accepted, seen, understood. Chiron is where we run from our pain and trying to spiritually bypass and avoid it OR where we fuse with our pain and become victims to our own life circumstances…”“Virgo help us see the pieces so we can see the whole. Virgo helps us compartmentalize so we can deal with things in pieces, one at a time. Virgo help us commit to seeing all of ourselves…”

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