Raise Your Vibrations in Less than 5 Minutes

It is a beautiful time to be alive. One of the greatest times of all, and I am so grateful. I know at times life can be challenging. There are situations that come up that are out of our control that can often be difficult to deal with. The beauty though is that we have the opportunity to decide how we will perceive the situations that come up. We can turn anything into a positive lesson and move forward from there. Our perception creates our reality and regardless of how others perceive it, it will always be our own. We are always presented with a choice and to live a happy and healthy life we must choose to live a happy and healthy life! Imagine you are a magician, a which, or wizard. You literally have the magic in your hands, anything you choose to believe will manifest into your reality. I have a very important question for you, what life do you want to live? What do you want to manifest into your reality? Anything you believe you will achieve. Affirmations are a beautiful took to assist you in manifesting what you desire. They are also a great way to instantly RAISE YOUR VIBRATION. When you have a high vibration you feel good, and when you feel good it is easier to manifest your dreams and desires. I will literally repeat affirmations all day, everyday. When I feel low I will affirm them even more. You can literally raise your vibration in less than 5 minutes! Select a few affirmations and repeat until you start to feel your vibrations raising. It may feel silly at first, or  as if you are lying to yourself. Allow yourself to become the affirmations and watch your emotion transform. Below are a list of affirmations you can use as examples, give it a try. RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.

Raise your vibrations in less than 5 minutes:

~Repeat positive affirmations

~Repeat over and over again

~Your soul starts to connect and your vibration will shift into positively and love


I have lots of fun, I love to play I laugh all day I have lots of fun

I am happy, I am safe, I am free

I am beautiful and strong.

I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I see beauty in myself and the world around me.

I am courageous and confident.
Everything life gives me I am able to handle with confidence, grace and ease. I have the courage to accept myself, fully and completely.

Try is out, and comment below how it worked for you.

Happy DAY  🙂
– Sunshine

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