Rewiring Your Brain to be Happy

We all want to be happy. We do things in life to make ourselves happy but it seems a lot of us are miserable. It doesn’t have to be hard to be happy, with a simple mental shift we can set ourselves on track to living a better life.

5 ways to re frame our thoughts:

1) Say bye to “ill be happy if”
– this mindset is a trap
– we are consciously waiting for the ideal conditions and situations to be happy
-when the circumstance we want comes we quickly get over it and are in search for something else
– learn that happiness is within you, regardless of any condition or situation

2) Focus on creating happiness
-stop trying to escape stress and eliminating it
– instead try creating happiness around those stressful circumstances

3) Redefine your criteria for success
– our society has taught us that we need material in order to be valued
– this is completely FALSE
-discovery you, what makes you happy ? Speak your truth once you’ve found it
-success = completion not achievement. Give yourself credit for putting yourself out here and trying your best

4) Learn to say no – or try compromising
– stop doing things you really do not want to do
– you can’t complete anything with good intention if you did not want to do it from the beginning
– speak up for your needs, you never know how much positive can be received for you and the other party when you speak your truth

5) Remember what you have now
– be grateful for everything you have and have accomplished
– be thankful for the Earth and your family
– shine light on what you have and realize you need nothing more.

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