Root Chakra – The Basics + Yoga Activation Poses

Root Chakra Muladhara “Security & Survival”

The root Chakra represents feeling “rooted”, grounded, and stability. Muladhara is the centre of instincts. It is the lowest energy vibration, correlating to the physical plane of existence. It is effected by concerns of basic survival and sustenance (home, food, career, shelter, self-preservation). The root chakra connects us to our Earth. We connect to survival instincts and when this chakra is balanced we can feel emotionally stable, physically fit, and healthy.

Location: Base of the Spine
Colour: Red
Symbol: Four petal Lotus
System: elimination system
Sense: Smell
Gemstone (crystals): onyx hematite
Quality: sense of security and stability
Shadow: fear & insecurity, feelings of not belonging, elimination problems

Affirmation: May I be able to nourish and nurture myself, be grounded, stable, and feel connected to the oneness of life/universe.
Healing your root Chakra: Grounding / Earthing, squats meditation, mindful walking, yoga

Yoga Poses to Activate this Chakra:

Staff posture
Bound angle
Half wind relieving
Full wind relieving
Half warrior

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