Soul Bath: What Every Woman Needs

Every had your body feel relaxed and loved. Have you messaged every part of you, your skin, hair, soul? Your entire body deserves love, you deserve love. Take time for yourself. Take time you need – let go of that knowing and dive into the divine feminine energy.

Dive in your soul bath with all that is feminine, soft, and beautiful. I recommend using an all-natural bath bomb., I’ve created an all-natural bathbomb that has rose petals infused. This is great to cleanse and remove any energy we have been carrying. We hold on to trauma and pain in our wombs. Experiences from our childhood will remain stored there until you have cleared and released this energy.. If you experience pain in your womb (during your time of the month or other times) it can be associated with the trauma you are holding onto. Release this energy, release the trauma, resentment, pain, the lack of love. Let it go .Feel the rose cleansing away the energy; think about how you are healing yourself, what part of you needs more attention? What part of you is tense? We are so resilient; we can restore ourselves through the power of our loving thoughts. Use visualization to imagine loving energy entering each part of your body that needs love the most. Use the power of your mind to envision all the negative energy disappearing into the drain as you let the water flow through. Sage yourself and your environment – cleanse and renewed your energy.

Once you have completed your soul bath come out and stand naked in the mirror. Appreciate each part of your body, love yourself. Tell your body just how much you love it. Touch yourself. Tell yourself you are sacred, each part of you is beautiful and sacred. You are a forest of loving energy, filled with life. Call out to the Goddess energy for guidance – allow her vibrations to enter and resonate with you. Message those tense areas; allow your skin to feel loved. Moisturize, use oils (I recommend Olive oil, great for stretch marks, dry skin, and discolouration) to rub all over your body. Remember to appreciate every inch of your skin, sending love and light with each touch. Imagine a light energy entering you through your fingertips as you caress yourself. Allow your mind to be filled with loving thoughts. Appreciate each piece of you & your flower. Love it for its variations and for the fact that it is perfect the way it is. Nature is filled with beauty everywhere, it is life, different and beautiful. We share the same DNA with our mother nature – and forget to give our outstanding selves the love we deserve. Give extra attention to the spots you are insecure about. They need the most love. Look at your body and think positive thoughts, beautiful thoughts. You are life. Touch your vagina softly and elegantly. Fill your mind with thoughts of nurturing and healing. You are in control of your healing – be empowered by this power. Feel love inside of you.. as your enter inside yourself do Kegels. Appreciate your strength, your yoni. Your womb. You are a womban, you are a Goddess, you are beautiful, powerful, and resilient. Fall in love with every part of you, take control of feeling good. Fall in love with your power, your divine feminine. We cannot forget gratitude. We must thank our ancient sisters for their wisdom, love, light and guidance. Feel an overpowering amount of love and gratitude for ourselves and for nature. Love yourself passionately and deeply love yourself.

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