Succulent Plants

Succulents…hardy green plants.

The warm temperatures of spring are coming upon (here in Toronto the heat comes and goes) but it will soon arrive! With that its time to get our gardens and planters ready to grow and cultivate some plants into our lives. You should notice more and more garden centres opening up in your city. If you ever have any planting questions don’t hesitate going to one of those garden centres or nurseries to get some advice from a well informed and experienced individual. They’re happy to share their knowledge and tips!

This is going to be a basic Info Session on planting succulents. Especially if you’re starting out in the planting game, try adding succulent plants to your beginners list. They’re not as sensitive and dainty as other plants can be. You’ll notice their leaves are thick and sort of ‘fleshy’ to store and retain moisture, an adaption to combat excessive heat drought.  These plants usually thrive under conditions that other plants couldn’t survive in.


  • Plants NEED their water
  • These plants like regular watering at LEAST once a week
  • Each time you water, make sure you water the soil well
  • Try leaving a pot or bucket outside to collect rain water and use to water the plants from time to time
  • Make sure the plant’s edges are not looking dry and shriveled (or else, add more water!)


Drainage/ Soil

  • ENSURE there is drainage- succulents don’t like to sit in soaking wet soil
  • Make sure the soil drains well and the plants aren’t at a low enough level that’ll have the stay wet
  • Make sure your pot has a drainage hole
  • Add rocks to the bottom of your planter before planting
  • Can incorporate sand (horticulture grade) or gravel into soil for better drainage


  • Succulents can handle sunlight
  • Half-Full day of sunlight
  • Will need some shade in cases of excessive heat
  • If your plant looks bleached, more dull or yellow colour: too much light
  • If you plant seems to be stretching excessively towards to light: too little light

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