The Beauty of Frankincense

Frankincense originally stems from branching trees (Boswellia family) found in India, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Traditionally it was burned as incense by the Ancient Egyptians in religious ceremonies and rituals among many other uses. This power house provides a number of useful benefits to the human body.


  • Stress Relief: provides a feeling of relaxation and peace
    • Can help promote sleep
  • Antiseptic properties (prevents growing of disease micro-organisms and bacteria)
    • Topically: helps heal cuts, ulcers and wounds
    • Orally: helps bad breath, cavities, tooth infections
    • Can incorporate it into your home-made tooth paste
    • Can incorporate it into your household cleaner
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
    • studies have shown to display and improvement of arthritis
    • helps relieve joint and muscle pains and aches
  • Astringent Effects: tightens/contracts body tissues
    • Can reduce the appearance of wrinkles
    • Can reduce large pores
    • Helps heal scarring
    • Helps heal dry skin
  • Studies show effects of improvement of lung and immune function
  • Considered a preventative and therapeutic agent in Chinese medicine

Frankincense Uses:

  • Burned as incense
  • In a diffuser
  • Essential oil can be mixed with carrier oil (jojoba, almond, or castor oil) and applied to skin
  • Few drops added to a bath

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