The Fire Element

Fire is the element associated with summer. Summer has the power to give light and illuminate our inner being. The plants and crops are blooming gardens are filled with flowers and vegetables. This is the time where we engage in recreational activities and spend time in the park, we go for nice long walks, and we spend time with our friends. We tend to the things that fuel our soul. 

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine* that:

“In the three months of summer there is an abundance of sunshine and rain. The heavenly energy descends, and the earthly energy rises. When these energies merge, there is intercourse between heaven and earth. As a result, plants mature and animals, flowers, and fruit appear abundantly.

One may retire somewhat later at this time of year, while still arising early. One should refrain from anger and stay physically active, to prevent the pores from closing and the chi from stagnating. One should not overindulge in sex, although one can indulge a bit more than in other seasons. Emotionally it is important to be happy and easygoing and not hold on to grudges, so that the energy can flow freely.”

F I R E 

is the spark from which all life derives according to Chinese medicine. 

Excess fire can produce manic joy and restlessness and a deficiency of fire produces lack of joy a feeling to apathy. The key is having balance which produces a level state of constant peace and joy. 

Fire correspondences 

Smell = scorched 

Taste = bitter 

Emotion = joy 

Sound = laughing 

Colour = red 

Direction = south 

Organs = heart, small intestine, Triple energizer, pericardium 

Symptoms associated with imbalances of fire: 

  • Insomnia, restlessness 
  • Excess perspiration/ or lack of 
  • Agitated, explosive energy 
  • Palpitations
  • Inappropriate laughter 
  • Rashes, hives 


The primary purpose of the heart according to western medicine is to pump, controlling the blood flow throughout our body. In Chinese medicine the heart also hold a more significant role. The heart is extended to the emotional  and spiritual realms. 

The Yellow Emperorʼs Classic of Internal Medicine:* “The heart is the sovereign of all organs and represents the consciousness of one’s being. It is responsible for intelligence, wisdom, and spiritual transformation.”


The sac around the heart. The pericardium role is to lubricator and protect the heart. It can also be seen as a gate, allowing only joy in. 

“The court jester who makes the king [Heart] laugh, bringing forth joy.”


The small intestine supports digestion, separation, and eliminations. The small intestine is the heart’s yang organ. It is said to metaphorically, separate the nutritional parts of our relationships, eliminating the indigestible relationships. 

“to separate the pure from the impure.”


Not an actual organ. The triple energizer is like or lymphatic system. The triple energizer controls the ebb and flow. 


eat cooling foods – strawberries, watermelon, tomatoes, dark leafy greens, dragon fruit, apples,red beans 

Spend time outdoors, grounding in the earth 


Trust your intuition 

Take time to destress using breathwork techniques, learn to breath fully from your abdomen 

Hydrate with pure fresh water

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