The Gut – The Brains of the Operation – All Disease Begins in the Gut

The industrialized world has improved public health care measures in order to combat disease, decrease mortality rates, and decrease the likelihood of chronic illness plaguing our society.  A world of trained medical doctors, healthcare centres, and agencies built with the health of humanity in mind. Nonetheless, our world is erupting with chronic illness’ including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, acne, irritable bowel syndrome and cancers. Humanity is sick and the majority of our healthcare systems are based on a model that works to identify and treat symptoms rather than get to the root cause of illness. The symptom methodology maintains the idea that each symptom is separate therefore recommending drugs to prevent and relieve each symptom independently. This is the reason why a majority of our western world relies on pharmaceuticals on a daily basis to perform everyday functions. What we need is far from more prescriptions, the cure is to find balance               within our bodies core systems.

All disease begins in the gut– Hippocrates

Hippocrates proclaimed the statement above over 2500 years ago and this cannot be truer today. Medical researchers are recognizing the significance of the connection between the brain and the gut. There is significant research that illustrates an imbalance of microbes in the gut will contribute to bowel as well as psychiatric issues (mental health). The gut is like our second brain therefore we must ensure we are taking conscious action to promote good gut health. With the right knowledge our bodies can literally heal itself from the inside out. If your gut is healthy then so are you. Let’s begin by analyzing how the gut has a significant impact on our health.

What is poor gut health?

The gut is the connection between you and the outside world. The gut is a hollow tube that begins in your mouth and connects all the way down to the anus. More than 70% of our nervous system is located in the gastrointestinal tract (our gut). Our gut is made up of trillions of bacteria. When poor bacteria, microbiome, or flora enters the gut it causes an imbalance of good and bad bacteria. When the intestinal barrier becomes permeable, large protein molecules escape into the blood stream; this is known as leaky gut. Examples of bad bacteria include parasites and pathogens. The microbes in the gut can affect everything from hunger to mood. In fact if your gut is unhealthy, even if you are eating the right foods you will not be able to absorb the nutrients thus causing you to experience illness and disease.

7 Fundamental Functions Produced by the Gut 75% immune system 95% of serotonin production Metabolism Elimination Digestion Protection from infection Vitamin & mineral absorption
How do you know if you have a gut that is unhealthy? There are a number of symptoms that are caused by an unhealthy gut; it can be difficult to determine the source of the cause. The following are examples of symptoms that may result with a bad gut:

–        Digestive issues (bloating, gas, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome)

–        Mood swings and irritability

–        Food allergies or sensitivities

–        Skin issues (eczema, rosacea, acne)

–        Anxiety

–        Depression

–        Excessive fatigue

–        Poor memory or concentration

–        Sugar / carb cravings

–        Diabetes

–        Arthritis / joint pain

–        Inflammatory bowel disease

–        Hormonal imbalances including PMS

–        Seasonal allergies, asthma

How to fix it?

In order to find out how to heal our gut we must first look at contributors to a poor gut.

–        Poor diet (processed foods, high white sugar intake, refined carbohydrates)

–        Chronic stress

–        Chronic infections

–        Antibiotics and other medications like birth control and NSAIDs

–        Toxin overload (the skincare products you use, hair products, cleaning supplies)

–        Bacterial imbalance

The most common food that can damage your gut comes from un-sprouted grains, GMO’s, sugars, and dairy.

How can you heal your gut? By helping you guy heal itself by taking the following steps:

1)      Remove


–        Remove foods and factors such as chronic stress, that contribute to a bad gut

–        Rid of the toxins, remove inflammation, and reduce infections

–        Reduce antibiotic intake

–        Get a little dirty


2)      Replace


–        Replace old diet with healing foods, engage in mindful eating, and partake in activities that promote a positive lifestyle (physical movement, self- love exercises)

–        Fermented foods provide a broad combination of bacteria (probiotic rich foods – ancient food)

–        Prebiotic rich foods



3)      Repair / Restore


–        Add specific supplements including probiotics to your routine. Probiotics are live microorganisms that live inside your gut. They are known as the good bacteria that help support our immune system, aid digestion, and assist with nutrient absorption to the blood stream.


4)      Replenish


–        Get enough sleep

–        Lower stress by engaging in self-love routines

–        Sweat engage in dance and physical activity, sacred movement

–        Spend more time outdoors, grounding

–        Laugh

–        Start gardening

We are reconnecting with our ancestral roots and learning the methods of our ancestors in order to heal and restore our health. We have learned how our gut play a key role in our health; mind, body, and soul. We must nourish our forest consistently and passionately for our body loves us. I don’t think it is ironic that the very place we sense and feel intuition is the second brain of the operation.

A healthy body leads to a happy life.

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