The Heart Chakra 4 – Anahata ” Love & Compassion”

Heart Chakra Anahata “Love & Compassion”

The heart chakra is all about love. The love for self and the love you have for others. This is the fourth chakra and it is associated with health and healing. A balanced heart chakra you equally feel love for yourself and others. This chakra controls relationships, love, forgiveness, and compassion.  When things happen you are able to have compassion, kindness, and understanding for others.

Location: Center of the chest
Colour: green System: Heart, lungs, thymus
Qualities: Compassion, forgiveness, kindness, service, sacred transformation
Shadows: grief, attachment, egotistic, dependent upon others for love and affection, fear of rejection
Gemstones: Pink quartz, clear quartz, jade, green calcite

Yoga Poses to Activate this Chakra:

Camel Pose- Ushtrasana
Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana
Forward Bend Pose – Uttanasana

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