The Power of Packing your Own Lunch and Snacks

Pack your own snacks: Getting in the habit

A MAJORITY of food available to us in our society/environment whether we go to work, school, a meeting, date with our friend, day at the amusement park whatever it may be, you may have noticed how unhealthy all the food options available are.

It seems almost impossible to get a simple fruit or sugar/preservative free snack. If you’re hungry for a meal, there is an abundance of fried/processed foods. If you’re feeling for a snack, the majority of options you have are chips, chocolate, cookies and sugar filled granola bars. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any places that offer healthy foods and snack because you definitely notice those when you come across them but those are more scarce and harder to find. On top of the lack of availability, when you do find healthy food options on the go, you’ll also notice the price. Some of us just don’t have the budget for it, especially if were buy food everyday or even on a weekly basis. Grabbing a healthy juice and snack can amount to $15! Some people have no choice to go with the cheaper options.

There has been a major shift in our society where people do not pack lunches and snacks anymore. With the availability of food everywhere in our cities, people rely on the availability…they figure “I’ll just buy something”. We need to eat food on a daily basis, multiple times a day. Even buying one meal a day can add up. Think of that money getting racked up into a savings account instead if you just changed your habit.

Think about it, when your going for your limited, timed lunch break at work or school, depending where you are and how its laid out, it takes time to go and look for food. Then you have to wait in line, wait for it to be prepared, then hustle your way back to where you need to be to then only have about 8 minutes left to inhale it. Stress, money and you loose the opportunity to enjoy eating.

Some people skip meals all together because its too stressful to go and buy food or there isn’t enough time. Then before you know it its been 6 or 7 hours since the last meal you had!

HABITS, HABITS, HABITS: this is what’s going to change your routine.

Bulk buying foods at the grocery store is going to help you SAVE money and keep your body HEALTHIER.

Where to start?:

  • Plan, plan, plan: make a meal and snack plan ahead of time so you know what you’re looking for. Don’t get lost in the number of choices available at the store and end up buying things you wont use and go to waste. Think about what you know to prepare, like to eat, is easy to put together and make, easy to store/save and works well to possibly incorporate into another meal the following day.
  • Make your list: once you have put together your meals make a list of the ingredients you’ll be needing to put everything together. Try to focus on fresh, perishable foods rather and the long shelf life, processed foods. The reason for planning ahead is ensure you make good use of the fruits and veggies you buy so they don’t end up spoiling before you get to eat them.
  • Have your supplies: make sure you have the right tupperware and bottles for your meals and snacks. Its much easier when you have everything at once so you can easily place your food into and throw it into your bag everyday. If you plan on reheating your food, use glass containers for those and the ones you use just to hold the food, get a good quality BPA free plastic container. Make sure you have a good quality BPA free plastic water bottle also. Its worth investing in good quality tubberware, it will last you much longer and prevents leaking any harmful chemicals into your food.
  • Think of your routine: are you the type of person that likes to prepare things the night before or in the morning? Some people like the optimal freshness of their food so they prepare it the day of. Make sure you set your alarm to give yourself enough time to put your meal and snacks together. (Do not tell yourself you will if you constantly choose to snooze and end up relying on buying food). I know I’m not an early riser so I always opt to prepare my food the night before and put the finishing touches in the morning if I have to.
  • To help you keep on track: calculate the money you have saved by changing your habit. Focus on how much better your body feels when you are eating homemade food compared to the food court. It will make a significant difference.

Our world profits on convenience. People rely on what’s available to them whether or not it’s the best choice and corporations are aware of this. Even if it is within your budget, the healthiest foods come from your own hands, prepared with love in the comfort of your kitchen.

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