Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Tomorrow isn’t promised so let’s live the life we want today. It’s never to late to change habits, routines, and cycles. If you are unhappy with the life your living there’s nothing that’s stopping you to make it the best life for you. NOW. Every card we’ve been dealt is for a reason. We have a lesson to learn, some growing to do. The toughest battles go to the strongest SOLDIERS . Instead of being unhappy in your “shit” – CHANGE IT. Don’t make it shit anymore. The idea that your life is shit is only there because you thought it. No matter what circumstance you are in, there is always a bright side even if it doesn’t seem so bright at times. .

The biggest and probably the hardest part is making decisions for yourself. Deciding to do things that make you happy instead of others. Putting yourself first. It’s so very hard to put yourself first when your so used to living for others. Making sure your within each standard. Don’t want to step on any toes. This can be hard especially when we have wonderful family with some strong personalities that we just don’t agree with. It’s intimidating to change what your so used to doing. It’s so hard to disappoint our family. But you must not look at it that way. You know your intentions are for your happiness, if your family can’t deal with it then you know that’s something they will have to deal with. That becomes their issue to deal with not yours… If you choose to stand up for yourself and it is with good intentions that you do so then the reactions that ripple after is simply the universe adjusting to your new found confidence and selflove. The ripple may be difficult to deal with but you have to be uncomfortable for change. .

Change is good.
Let’s create a life where we enjoy every moment of it. One love #soulfamily 💖🌿

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