Type II Diabetes & the Western Diet + How to Naturally Reverse Diabetes

Our medical system has progressed significantly with health centres, research centres, and of course more technological advancements. Yet diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are more prevalent than ever before.  In Canada, the estimated diabetes prevalence was 3.4 million in 2015. This is expected to rise over 44%, with 5 million people being affected in 2025. We know that being overweight and obese are important risk factors for type II diabetes but until recently not much attention has been paid to specific foods we consume. A meta-analysis study conducted in 2013 looked at the link between meat and diabetes and found a significantly higher risk associated with total meat consumption, especially processed meat particularly poultry. We are sometimes uncomfortable to discuss how our westernized diet is destroying our health and our planet. Let us uncover the vail and learn about the truth regarding diabetes.

The leading cause of diabetes is fat (saturated fat and cholesterol), specifically animal products. When we eat any food it turns into sugar in our body, insulin is then released to allow our cells to absorb the sugar through insulin receptors.  Normally the sugars would be absorbed and act as an energy source powering the cell providing us with energy.  When we eat animal products, fat clogs up the insulin receptors in our cells causing them to begin functioning improperly resulting in insulin resistance. You then have sugar and insulin running through your body and it is unable to be absorbed through the cells. Imagine insulin is the key to allow sugar into the cells and the fat is the jammed lock, preventing the sugar from getting in. Sugar is like fuel for viruses and diseases, in fact nothing makes them grow faster than sugar. This includes diseases like cancer, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. When you have too much sugar that is unable to be absorbed your body stores it and turns it into fat.  Consequently, the true problem doesn’t lay with the sugar; instead we must be concerned as to what is causing the body to be unable to absorb the sugar, animal products (saturated fat). Saturated fat isn’t just toxic to the pancreas, in fact fats found predominately in meat are considered universally toxic. In the medical system it is common to deal with symptoms rather than the true causes of disease. Doctor’s will prescribe you pills in order to mask the symptoms creating an illusion of wellness.

Issues associated with diabetes in Canada:

–        Premature death: 1 in 10 deaths in Canadian adults was attributed to diabetes

–        Over 3x more likely to be hospitalized with cardiovascular disease

–        12 times more likely to be hospitalized with end-stage renal disease

–        Over 20 times more likely to be hospitalized for a non-traumatic lower limb amputation compared to the general population

–        30% of people with diabetes have depressive symptoms

–        Some populations are at higher risk of type 2 diabetes, such as those of South Asian, Asian, African, Hispanic or Aboriginal descent, those who are overweight, older or have low income. Diabetes rates are 3-5 times higher in First Nations, a situation compounded by barriers to care for Aboriginal people

–        Fifty-seven percent of Canadians with diabetes reported they cannot adhere to prescribed treatment due to the high out-of-pocket cost of needed medications, devices, and supplies.

Regardless of what medical doctors are prescribing and recommending to patients, it has been shown that there are natural ways to prevent and even significantly reverse both type I and type II diabetes. The idea that a plant-based lifestyle can benefit those with type 2 diabetes dates all the way back to the 1930s when it was shown that a diet based on vegetables, fruits, grains and beans was one of the most effective nutrient-based treatments for diabetes. A more recent study completed in the film “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes” took 6 participants and switched their diet to a plant-based diet for 30 days. The results after 30 days were incredible and significantly challenge the current belief that diabetes has no cure. Most participants no longer needed to take their medication and have noticed significant changes in their weight and also their overall health.

How to reverse Diabetes naturally: Remove these Foods from you Diet:


–        Saturated fats

–        Cholesterol

GMO foods:

–        Filled with toxins

–        Linked to serious diseases including cancer & diabetes

Refined Sugar:

–        Rapidly spikes blood glucose

–        Typically found in: soda, fruit juice, and pop

Cow’s Milk:

–        There is a link to type 1 diabetes and children

–        Full of growing hormones


–        Increases blood sugar

Hydrated Oils:

–        Processed

–        Contains bleaching agents

Food to INCLUDE in your diet:

–        Organic whole foods

–        All you can eat vegetables

–        Raw & whole grains

–        Plant protein

–        Nuts & seeds
Other things you can do:

Physical activity:

–        Exercise reduces chronic disease

–        Should incorporate exercise into your routine everyday

This article tells us not only how to begin reversing diabetes but it also brings to light the dark secrets hidden behind our “advanced” medical system. It teaches us to read beyond the bold lines and dig deeper into learning the truth about health and wellness. The following are links to articles & studies that prove the information above is factual.

One love.

Studies have found: Canada Diabetes information: http://www.diabetes.ca/how-you-can-help/advocate/why-federal-leadership-is-essential/diabetes-statistics-in-canada#_ftn2 Study connecting diabetes to meat: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3942738/ Meat consumption and diabetes: nhttps://www.researchgate.net/publication/235376408_Meat_Consumption_Diabetes_and_Its_Complicationss & https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21983060 Plant based diet + Diabetes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1O6TqPRV5o&feature=youtu.be


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