Vegan Substitutes and Alternatives

These days it can be difficult to find foods that fit into a vegan diet. Being vegan is a choice if you choose to be one that’s great and if you don’t you don’t. So many people have a hard time adopting the life style from one day to the next and it is a difficult transition to make over night. Everyone is different. If you’re finding yourself having trouble consider doing it gradually…bit by bit rather than all at once. If you eat meat and want to go vegan but find it hard, try out being a vegetarian first and then go from there. Its up to you how you want to do it. There are so many vegan substitutes that work that people wouldn’t have thought of and they aren’t too difficult to find to add to your kitchen. For those considering become a vegan or simply want to learn more about it….this is for you!

Butter: used as a spread and as an ingredient for so many foods! But there’s always a vegan way. There are different foods that you can use as a spread that gives more life and flavour to your meals and snacks…and is still vegan. Avocado toast has become quite popular and it is quite delicious for breakfast or even as a snack, a lot more filling than the usual butter. You can also make your own form of butter from olive oil. Simply pour olive oil into a container, add your seasonings: onion powder, sea salt, basil, pepper (if you like). Keep it in the fridge over night, and there you go!

You can also find a number of DIY vegan recipes online but here is an Easy Vegan Butter recipe from the blog A Virtual Vegan


One of the harder things to let go of when become a vegan is cheese. There are some die hard cheese lovers in this world who find a way to use cheese on everything. Its an topping used for so many different foods. The big vegan substitute used for cheese is nutritional yeast but you don’t have to be limited to only that. You can also use the next best thing…nuts! Grinded up with some seasoning and a few other ingredients you can have yourself some delicious cheese substitute.

Here is an Almond Cheese recipe from Rawmazing.



With health consciousness on the rise and more and more people choosing not to eat meat it has made more meat free options available to us. You may often find the mushroom burger and eggplant sandwich listed as options on the menu. Grinded up lentils, beans and nuts are good for so many different uses including a meat substitute!

Here is a Lentil Burger Recipe from One Green Planet


Such a great topping for a sandwich but there is a way to have this as a vegan. There are a bunch of tasty toppings we can add to what were eating that will make it less dry and still delicious. There are also so many different DIY mayo recipes you can try at home. Some you may find use ‘aquafaba’ which is the thick water left over that have had legumes cooked in (the broth essentially) which is something we always think to throw away down the drain but it can really be put to good use! And if recipes don’t work for you, vegan mayonnaise isn’t too hard to get your hands on these days. Check out your local health food store and see that they have!

Here is a Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe from Oh She Glows

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