Water, Water, Water

I heard a good saying from a very intelligent and wise person. She said, ” Don’t medicate, Hydrate!” This saying couldn’t be more right. We are made up of about 70% water, and the majority of our blood cells are made with water. There is no question as to how drinking water can increase your health and help you avoid falling short to illness.

My diet consists of 90% water, other then fruit smoothies. When i cut out sugary pops, soda and juices I noticed an instant change to my health. Dramatic decrease in headaches, less illness, and even weight loss.

With that said here is a list of 10 Benefits of Drinking water:

  1. Promotes weight loss
  2. Improves complexion and acne
  3. Maintains Regularity
  4. Boosts Immune System
  5. Maintains a balance of body fluids – Regulates body temperature
  6. Flush out waste and bacteria
  7. Get energized and alert
  8. Improves your mood
  9. Natural headache remedy
  10. Beats bad breath

These are just 10 of many more reasons drinking water is important. Make sure you drink enough, stay hydrated!

I love water, some people don’t enjoy the tastelessness. How do you guys feel?

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2 thoughts on “Water, Water, Water”

  • I’ve realized a HUGE decrease in my seasonal allergies and even more energy when I started drinking more water first thing in the morning. I feel like the issue of “tasteless” water can be overcome easily with some fresh-squeezed lime juice or letter your water sit overnight in a pitcher with mint leaves or pineapples. Either way, this post in on point!

    “Don’t medicate, hydrate!” … I love it! 🙂

    • Im one of those weirdo’s who loves the taste of tasteless water. That is a great idea though, thanks for sharing 🙂

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