What does white flour really do to you?

White Flour…its an ingredient to so many different foods we eat, almost everyday. We’ve also been hearing lately how bad white flour is for you…but what does it really do to your body.  I’ve loved eating breads and pastas since forever and what’s the main ingredient? White flour is NOT something that you want to be consuming, you would be doing your body a huge favour by eliminating it from your diet (especially after so many years of having it).

There are 3 parts to a grain of wheat.

  1. Bran (a lot of fiber)
  2. Germ (filled with nutrients)
  3. Endosperm (the largest part)

White flour is made from the endosperm only. Since the nutrient part of the grain gets removed you’re basically left with a simple carbohydrate which your body will convert into glucose aka sugar. During the processing of white flour the husk and bran are removed and then the grain is crushed. Vitamins and minerals are eliminated like B vitamins, Vitamin E and iron.

You can also consider the life of the grain and how its handled as early as the seed stage. Usually the process of flour from the planting all the way up to cultivation, is treated with pesticides. You can imagine that companies want to absolutely ensure their crops don’t have any bugs in them, at all. At the same time flours are treated with bleaching agents. They can include nitrogen, nitrosyl, azodicarbonamide and chlorine oxide. Gases used on flour have been found to be irritants.

You can imagine how often flour is used every day. It has become a product of heavy mass consumption. The aging process of the flour used to happen naturally but that process needs a longer time, now chemicals are used to help speed things up.

Flour does nothing beneficial to your body. What’s the point of consuming it? Be aware of the ingredients of the foods you buy. I can remember always seeing ‘enriched white flour’ or ‘white flour’ listed on certain items. Notice how much better your body is going to start feeling. There are other alternatives to having white flour.

Healthier options include:

  • Spelt flour
  • Kamut flour
  • Rye flour
  • Amaranth flour




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