Where has Your Restaurant Lemon Wedges Been?

We LOVE LOVE LOVE adding lemon to our water for its detox, cleansing and digestive effects. When were at home we have to ability to wash our lemons and control how its stored. When we go out to eat, typically our drinks will come with a lemon wedge hanging off of the side. Some people decide to squeeze and drop it into their drink, other leave it on the rim and others take it off completely…which may be your best bet.

A number of studies have shown just how much bacteria is sitting on those slices that we love to mix with our drinks. A study from the Journal of Environmental Health study showed that 70% of lemons collected from 21 restaurants had microbial growth.

Imagine the places that lemon has been before it gets to your drink. Of course it depends on the place that you frequent but you really just never know how one person within an establishment decides to handle a simple lemon slice. Cross contamination can happen so easily. Whether it’s the cook in the kitchen, the bartender or your server there are many hands that have been dealing with other items that then go for that lemon reach.

Different kinds of bacteria have been found on lemon wedges being sourced from fecal matter to coughing and sneezing.

This isn’t to alarm you because most of the time the amount of bacteria isn’t enough to make you sick BUT its still something to be aware of and you really just never know. If you don’t ever care for that lemon wedge just opt out and remember to tell your waiter don’t want a lemon wedge if the restaurant provides them.

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