Why We Need to Armpit Detox

Regular deodorants contain a number of chemicals with negative effects on the body such as parabens, aluminum, phthalates. Considering after many years of usage there is a build up of this on our armpits.

When people switch from conventional deodorants to natural ones the body needs to take its time in adjusting to the change. You may experience yourself sweating more and sometimes you’ll notice a stronger odor but remember it’s a process for your body to get used to something that’s changing (and it’s a change for the better, its worth the patience!)

Doing an armpit detox may shorten the process of the transition from typical deodorant and a natural one. Also if you notice your armpits have a film or are constantly sticky its time to do a cleanse!

The lymphs work with the lymphatic system that runs through out our whole body. The system is made up of liquid containing immune cells that work to filter the lymphatic system. Its purpose is to fight infection and to help drain the body of toxins. Part of the lymph system runs through the region of our armpits. You can imagine the effect of applying chemically loaded deodorant (that also tries to keep you from sweating) onto it everyday and how hard that lymph system must work to try to release the toxins from your body. The lymphs are such an important part of our body and its has such an amazing ability, we need to make sure were making the right choices to support our physical vessel so we can prolong our health.

How shall one do an armpit cleanse? It’s a really easy process and only involves a few ingredients. My next post will outline step by step how you can make an effective and natural armpit cleanse!

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