Why You Should Be Journaling Daily

Journaling is an incredible tool that we can all use to help improve all areas of our lives. I have used journaling to help me through my healing journey, my ups and my downs. It has become a powerful keystone habit that literally anyone can acquire.

“Keeping a personal journal a daily in-depth analysis and evaluation of your experiences is a high-leverage activity that increases self-awareness and enhances all the endowments and the synergy among them.” — Stephen R.Covey

The following are a few reasons why we should be journaling every single day:

Optimizes Creativity

You are able to let your ideas flow through you and into your journal.
For the majority, our lives have been organized in a way that we are restlessly reacting instead of consciously taking command of our lives at every moment.

Our generation is accustom to waking up and automatically checking their phone. We have become addicted to other people’s input. We check our phone anxiously hoping there are notifications to follow.
Instead at rising, I challenge you to go to a quiet place take 30 minutes to write in your journal and notice how easy creative ideas crystalize.

While we are asleep our subconscious mind has been brewing, scheming, problem-solving, and learning. By allowing ourselves to release it all onto paper we engage in intellectual and creative flow.
Morning routines are important, and this is an excellent addition to your morning routine.

Accelerates your ability to Manifest Goals, Dreams, & Desires:

When you put your dreams down on paper they are more likely to come to life. If you research how to make your dreams come true the key advice is to write down your dreams! When you write down what you want you are literally creating space for that to occur in the physical. This is how you manifest the life you want.

Write them down and watch your dreams unfold.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

Daily Recovery & Reflection:

We are living in the past and worrying about the future. Our generation has skipped over the most important time, the present. When we get home from our daily duties we often remain attentive on situations that happened that didn’t make us feel good, or got us frustrated. We can use journaling to curb this mismanagement of energy.

At the end of your work-day you can open your journal and reflect on the day you had. Think about what you have accomplished and what you would like to work on tomorrow. Pay attention to any moments that occurred in your day that caused emotions to arise. Take the time to mentally recover from the day, renew and restore your energies for the evening and the day to come.

Allow yourself to unplug and detach from work, this is your time to recover and be present for yourself and the people you love.

Clarity & Congruence:

Removing the fog from your life, allowing you to see crystal clear what needs to be removed, added, and maintained. Journaling is an excellent tool to encourage self – discovery. You can use this beautiful and powerful tool to help you make decisions and provide you with clarity about your path in life.

You are the author of your life’s story, your journal will hold your future. You are the designer of your world – create the details and let’s begin.

Releasing Emotions:

Journaling is great for its powerful ability to remove stress. When you are feeling intense emotions, journaling is a great way to relieve them and help you fully understand your experience and emotions. After you have vented you will find release allowing yourself the ability to think objectively and move forward. Intense emotions can be crippling for hours, when we hold them in. Honest inspired journal sessions can be a great form of therapy – allowing yourself to bounce back quickly.

Ways removing stress through journaling helps us:

  • Reducing scatter in your life
  • Increased focus
  • Empowerment
  • Greater stability
  • Deeper level of learning
  • Holding thoughts – changed and integrated
  • Releasing pent-up thoughts and emotions
  • Bridging inner thinking with outer events
  • Detaching and letting go of the past
  • Allowing you to re-experience the past with an adult mind


Increases Gratitude:

Gratitude is the number one remedy for everything in life. I suggest making it the first thing you think of in the morning. Waking up and being grateful for life – is beautiful and can dramatically change our outlook on life and how we reflect our mood for the rest of the day. Journaling has a subtle way of shifting our mood towards gratitude, so even if you begin writing in a bad mood you will notice, this will shift. When you begin writing down what you are grateful for a new chamber of thought arises. You begin moving in from a scarcity mindset towards one of abundance. All of what we have is how it is interpreted and reflected. It is our duty to ensure we visualize a positive reflection.

Gratitude will scientifically do the following:


  • Gratitude makes you happier
  • Gratitude makes other people like you
  • Gratitude makes you healthier
  • Gratitude boosts your career
  • Gratitude strengthens your emotions
  • Gratitude develops your personality
  • Gratitude makes you more optimistic
  • Gratitude reduces materialism
  • Gratitude increases spirituality
  • Gratitude makes you less self-centered
  • Gratitude increases your self-esteem
  • Gratitude improves your sleep
  • Gratitude keeps you away from the doctor by strengthening physiological functioning
  • Gratitude lets you live longer
  • Gratitude increases your energy levels
  • Gratitude makes you more likely to exercise
  • Gratitude helps you bounce back from challenges
  • Gratitude makes you feel good
  • Gratitude makes your memories happier (think of Pixar’s Inside Out)
  • Gratitude reduces feelings of envy
  • Gratitude helps you relax
  • Gratitude makes you friendlier
  • Gratitude helps your marriage
  • Gratitude makes you look good
  • Gratitude deepens your friendships
  • Gratitude makes you a more effective manager
  • Gratitude helps you network
  • Gratitude increases your goal achievement
  • Gratitude improves your decision making
  • Gratitude increases your productivity


Ingrains Intellectual Learning and Ideas:

The simple act of writing something down increases brain development and memory. Have you noticed that when you see or hear something even if you try hard to remember it is easy for those thoughts to skip away? As humans, we are bad at retaining information.  By recording what we want to remember we allow our subconscious mind to process it differently allowing insight and making it easier to retain.

A Record of your Life Story:

Memories! I love memories. By writing down you have a record for life.  With that you are able to reflect on past experiences and be appreciative of how far you have come. I have always regretting not keeping a diary as a child so when I realized the importance of journaling I started and never stopped.
Your ancestors will be thankful for your words, allowing them to experience a little glimpse of your life and who you were.

Writing only increases your skills and in no time it will become a free flowing ball of energy.

Journaling will help you:

  • Develop strong writing habits
  • Help you discover your voice
  • Clear your mind and crystallizes your ideas
  • Produce gems you could use in your other writing

Do you journal? How often? How does it make you feel?

Comment below.

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Happy Writing =)

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