Why You Should Charge Your Water

Sunlight nutrition is something that I have never been taught in school or at home. I don’t think my parents even know about this knowledge and these facts. The light from the sun is the element from which all life originates and is energized. Food and water that is charged with the suns energy will have more nutrients and are better for you. When we eat raw, fresh plant foods, the stored sun nutrients find their way into our cells in the form of minute particles of light called biophotons. The higher the level of light energy the food emits, the greater its vitality and capacity to transfer those sun nutrients to the human body.

We can absorb the energy from the sun and use its nutrients in a number of ways:
1) Grounding (walking barefoot on the ground)
2) Eating raw plant-based food
3) Getting sun exposure
4) Drinking or using sun charged water

Why eat food with sunlight nutrition in food?

  • The higher level of light energy
  • Help with bacterial, viral, or fungal infections in the body
  • Can apply topically to skin conditions, cuts, bruises etc

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