Women Apply 13,000 Chemicals A Day

Woman use more than 13,000 chemicals everyday on their bodies.
The average woman in the US uses about 12 personal care products per day. That’s a total of 168 chemicals each time we get ready.

  • Cosmetics contain aluminum which lead to an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • A report called: Heavy Metal Hazard: the Risks of Hidden Heavy Metals in Face Makeup, states that that out of 49 cosmetics items (concealers, eye shadows, powders, foundation, blushes, mascara, lipstick) 7/8 contained heavy metals. Some items even contained 4-5 different types of heavy metals.
  • The report goes on to mention that none of the metals contained in the product were labelled.

Percentage of detectable metal in the cosmetic products:

Nickel: 100%
Beryllium: 90%
Thallium: 61%
Lead: 96%
Arsenic: 20%

Canadians spend $5.3 billion dollars a year on cosmetics. We are literally paying billions to ingest toxins in our bodies. We are unconsciously killing ourselves.

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